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Legal age restrictions. Controversial content. Reputation concerns. It can be challenging to find an adequate credit card processing solution for your adult entertainment business. Some acquiring banks are hesitant to accept adult merchants.

Fees usually run high for adult merchant accounts. However, with a merchant account from iPayTotal, you can qualify for an account with one of our offshore acquiring banking partners at an affordable rate.

Adult Merchant Account Solutions

Whatever form of entertainment your business offers, iPayTotal likely has a solution for you.

Our adult merchant accounts cover most types of adult entertainment:

• Streaming videos
• Adult toys
• Gentlemen’s clubs
• Online dating
• New Solution Enables Anonymous Payments

The process is as follows:

The merchant acquires and places the widget of our partner on their checkout page
The viewer clicks on the widget when checking out, and is directed to purchase a gift card from Amazon, Walmart, Target or Apple.
The consumer buys the gift card for the necessary amount of his purchase, and submits payment through the widget (keystroking in the gift card number and PIN).
The merchant can receive their payout in either ACH or cryptocurrency.

Create better payment experiences.