Virtual Checks Solution

Qualified specialists of the PaymentHub Company carefully and responsibly relate to their obligations. We work with each client individually, discussing in detail all the nuances of the upcoming cooperation.

To ensure quality work, each seller company makes a lot of efforts in order to achieve safe and reliable payment processing, regardless of their processing history or business focus.

Our company acts as a trusted eCheck processing service, which greatly facilitates eCheck payments between the seller and his customers. The proposed payment service is especially convenient for sellers who are not eligible to receive:

• ASN services;

• credit card processing due to high return rates.

Modern payment services

A business related to online sales of various products / services requires the use of effective payment acceptance solutions. We will arrange for you the uninterrupted operation of the merchant account VisaMasterCard, which is distinguished by modern security requirements.

payment gateway is an intermediary between the seller (online store) and the payment processor, receiving payment from buyers of your company. An online payment gateway guarantees the safe sending of important information on payments made.

We will be happy to arrange a quick reception of payments through the Internet gateway. We value the acquired professional level, we offer each client a profitable and rational combination of solutions with practical results.

Over many years of experience, we have accumulated a useful base of practical knowledge, so we are happy to share it with the owners of companies, especially startups. We provide personalized payment solutions based on:

specific features of the business area
voiced goals
additional customer recommendations

Successful partnerships with high and low risk organizations

The workflow of our team is debugged and is regularly supplemented by functional actions. We are always aware of current events taking place in the arena of the international market, and are flexible about innovations.

The key mission of the profile specialists of the PaymentHub Company is to maximize customer satisfaction and provide qualified assistance in the development of the commercial area.

Some time ago, only large organizations could use electronic payment processing. Our company offers this modern and convenient service for companies of any size and direction. We guarantee each client an integrated approach, an affordable price range and the provision of service at a high professional level.

Create better payment experiences.