Crypto Acquiring

The PaymentHub company offers to take full advantage of a reliable and secure medium called cryptographic gateways. To date, many large enterprises and financial institutions already understand the importance of this type of payment, but are in no hurry to introduce it into the scope of their activities.

Our team of specialized specialists works efficiently and responsibly, individually approaching each client. We develop personal, profitable solutions that, of course, affect the development of your business. We offer acquiring and quality banking services.

We have solutions that support payments made outside and inside the cryptocurrency exchange system. Contact us, we will be happy to develop for you a payment base that allows you to effectively use cryptocurrencies that contribute to increased consumer demand.

Payment service provider

An offshore bank account is an account opened for an individual or legal entity outside the state in which the person lives on a permanent basis.

An offshore account provides an excellent opportunity to store funds in a trusted bank of another country, which is characterized by safe financial and economic conditions. Moreover, foreign banking institutions guarantee complete confidentiality of personal information.

Thanks to many years of experience, the PaymentHubcompany takes on the service of various business areas – traders with low / medium / high risk. We accept startups and share practical experience.

If you are looking for functional and smart solutions for e-commerce, then we will be glad to fruitful and long-term cooperation. The range of services of our company is quite wide:

innovative technologies for effective solutions and ensuring the safety of a functional system
comprehensive information and IT support
a wide selection of payment methods: American Express, MasterCard, e-wallets, VISA, China Union Pay.

Online Payment Services

Online payment provides an excellent opportunity to receive payment for goods / services through a global network or a modern mobile application, without the need for banknotes.

Our specialized specialists will set up electronic payment systems online so that you can successfully conduct your business. A payment gateway is a hardware-software complex that allows you to automate the process of conveniently accepting payments via the Internet.

Cryptocurrency Profit Increase

We regularly make a lot of efforts so that the commercial areas of our clients develop and expand on a large scale. Crypto-Acquiring is a reliable way to purchase products / services offered by customers using payment cards.

You also use the modern tool that provides an excellent opportunity to receive digital currency online using a mobile gadget, a cash register terminal or electronic billing.

Bitcoin technology is the first and most effective digital payment method in which all transactions are closed on a turn-key basis online. Bitcoin buyers spend a lot, and less refunds are required.

Create better payment experiences.