3D Secure Processing

An Extra Step In Fraud Protection Protecting
Your Transactions With Cutting Edge Technology

Originally designed and developed by Visa, 3D Secure processing is an XML-based protocol that adds another step in confirming online debit and credit card transactions. 

Since the creation of Verified by Visa, other credit card associations have adopted similar protocols. 

PaymentHub accepts enables the following card brands for all your 3d Secure sales processing:

Verified By Visa
MasterCard SecureCode
American Express SafeKey
JCB International J/Secure

Short for Three Domain Model, 3D Secure processing consists of the three domains:

• Acquirer Domain: The merchant and acquiring bank
• Issuer Domain: The credit card issuing bank
• Interoperability Domain: Which enables the Acquirer Domain and Issuer Domain to communicate and authenticate one another.

One of PaymentHub’s top priorities is to help our merchants reduce the risk of fraudulent card use–that is why we work with acquiring banks that can integrate with 3D Secure processing through our PCI compliant payment gateway. For merchants who want to process using 3D Secure, make sure to specifically ask for a 3D Secure merchant account.

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