Discover Interchange Rates

What Are Discover Interchange Rates?

Interchange refers to the fee collected by the customer’s credit card bank (Discover, in this instance) on every transaction. These rates are set by Disocver each year and apply to every processor in the payments industry. In simpler terms, interchange is the wholesale cost that the processor has to pay on every credit card transaction. The tables below provide a breakdown of the current Discover interchange rates.

Current Discover USA Interchange Rates


Interchange Rate

Debit Card-Present 
Discover Debit0,1100 % + 1,6¢
Discover Debit Regulated0,0050 % + 2,2¢
Debit Keyed 
Discover Debit Keyed0,1750 % + 2,0¢
Discover Debit Keyed Regulated0,0050 % + 2,2¢
Credit Card-Present 
Discover Consumer0,1560 % + 1,0¢
Discover Rewards0,1710 % + 1,0¢
Discover Premium0,1710 % + 1,0¢
Discover Premium Plus0,2150 % + 1,0¢
Discover Commercial0,2300 % + 1,0¢
Credit Keyed 
Discover Keyed Consumer0,1870 % + 1,0¢
Discover Keyed Rewards0,1970 % + 1,0¢
Discover Keyed Premium0,2000 % + 1,0¢
Discover Keyed Premium Plus0,2400 % + 1,0¢
Discover Keyed Commercial0,2300 % + 1,0¢
Discover Debit Recurring0,1200 % + 0,5¢
Discover Debit Recurring Regulated0,0050 % + 2,2¢
Discover Recurring Consumer0,1350 % + 0,5¢
Discover Recurring Rewards0,1350 % + 0,5¢
Discover Recurring Premium0,1350 % + 0,5¢
Discover Recurring Premium Plus0,1800 % + 0,5¢
Discover Recurring Commercial0,2300 % + 1,0¢
International (In-Person) 
Discover Card-Present International Debit/Prepaid0,1200 %
Discover Card-Present International Consumer0,1650 %
Discover Card-Present International Rewards0,1650 %
Discover Card-Present International Premium0,1650 %
Discover Card-Present International Premium Plus0,1650 %
Discover Card-Present International Commercial0,1900 %
International (Keyed) 
Discover Keyed International Debit/Prepaid0,1700 % + 1,0¢
Discover Card-Present International Consumer0,1700 % + 1,0¢
Discover Card-Present International Rewards0,1700 % + 1,0¢
Discover Card-Present International Premium0,1700 % + 1,0¢
Discover Card-Present International Premium Plus0,1790 % + 1,0¢
Discover Card-Present International Commercial0,1900 % + 1,0¢

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Assessments and Association Fees

Discover Card-Brand 0,0130 %
Discover Data Usage Fee 0,195¢
Discover Data Transmission Fee 0,025¢
Discover International Cross-Border 0,0800 %
Discover International Processing Fee 0,0500 %

What Are Interchange Rates?

Discover is one of the most widely used credit cards in the United States, along with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Discover is very popular among consumers for their low introductory rates, no annual fees, great benefits and rewards, and 24/7 American-based customer service.

Accepting Discover can be a tremendous benefit to your business, especially due to its popularity among younger consumers. Some business owners choose not to accept Discover due to misperceptions of their rewards cards being “more expensive” than other card brands.  Discover interchange rates are very comparable to Visa and Mastercard despite the tremendous rewards they offer to their cardholders.

We’ve eliminated the confusion and complexity that comes from accepting credit cards by offering interchange plus, or cost-plus, pricing plans. We offer a transparent, small fee on top of the standard Discover interchange rates.