ACH Payment Processing

Optimize multiple ways to take payments while lowering your costs with ACH.

Open Up a Window of Opportunity

There are tremendous benefits to making ACH solutions available to your customers or by using the ACH network for administrative functions.


Give your business the advantage of knowing when you will be paid, and be alerted faster if there are any issues.


The ability to process settlements multiple times a day provides a more convenient way for you to stay on top of balancing your books.


Payments are processed through an electronic network in batches and will be be lower than credit card fees.


No more manual processing of those recurring payments, which leaves less room for payment processing errors.


Thanks to better encryption technology, an electronic check payment can better protect your payments than when dealing with old-school paper checks.


Consumers like to have choices and additional payment options means increased likelihood to convert at checkout.

Better Payment Reassurance

Your business deserves to know when you will be paid, and with ACH solutions from PaymentHub, you will be alerted faster if there are any issues with receiving funds into your business account. With an ACH payment processor, your business is able to:

  • Get paid faster by cutting out the need for paper checks
  • Save time best spent elsewhere by avoiding trips to the bank

By accepting credit cards through merchant bank relationships or setting up recurring payments that come directly from your customers’ bank accounts, your business can get paid faster — and without interruption.

Less Paper, More Convenience

Balance your books efficiently with the ability to process ACH settlements multiple times a day. An ACH payment solution can:

  • Do away with checks and frequent trips to the bank
  • Save your customers time paying bills by creating a seamless, carefree process
  • Scale back the likelihood of identity theft by removing the need for paper statements

Relying on ACH payment solutions can be beneficial: not only will your business be seen as environmentally friendly, your customers will appreciate the convenient payment opportunities provided by your processing.

Ditch the Fees

An ACH payment is processed through an electronic network in payment groups referred to as “batches” and the cost can sometimes be lower than standard credit card processing fees. An ACH payment network will also:

  • Transmit payments electronically, increasing cost savings and decreasing processing times
  • Typically cost less than $0.10 per transaction thanks to batch processing as opposed to processing a paper check which costs over a dollar on average.

Lower ACH processing fees might be the most obvious benefit of ACH solutions, but cost reduction can also help your business reach new heights faster than planned.

Better Recurring Payments

Avoid human error by removing manual processing of recurring payments. Whether you’re accepting or making payments through the ACH payment network, it’s worth noting that:

  • Automatic invoicing and payments allow you or your customers to run on autopilot, leaving one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting paid
  • Customers must authorize the billing schedule before you institute recurring bill pay

If you routinely charge customers large amounts on a consistent basis, make it easier to run your business with opportunities provided by ACH payment processing.

Safe & Secure With ACH Payment

ACH payment processing can better protect your payments than when dealing with old-school paper checks, thanks to better encryption technology. ACH solutions provide:

  • Secure encryption of all payments processed
  • A trusting relationship between you and your customers thanks to the provided security of their information

Give peace of mind to you and your customers with ACH payment solutions by protecting customer credentials and safeguarding your business’ profits.

Convert Customers Faster

Customers want choices, and offering multiple payment options means that customers are more likely to convert at checkout. With an ACH solution, you can expect:

  • A smooth checkout process from start to finish with the customization options for online payments
  • Loyalty from customers who find your process move convenient and secure than your competition

A seamless shopping experience will keep your customers coming back for more from your business. Offering ACH payment solutions is just one way in which you can build upon your reputation with your loyal fans.

The ACH Payment Network Can Help Your Business Scale

When thinking about scaling your business and expanding your customer base, be careful not to overlook an ACH payment option that can reduce transaction costs to grow revenue.

The benefits of processing transactions through ACH go beyond ordinary cost-savings. If you are a business owner looking to take your business to the next level, the solutions from PaymentHub can be a lower-cost option compared to the standard way of taking payments, all thanks to the method of processing through an electronic network in large batches of both credit and debit card transactions.

While digital payments are not a futuristic concept, their impact is shaping the future of payments – and the growth potential of your enterprise business. Expensive, burdensome processes like paper checks or manual payment processing hinder your productivity, and ACH solutions from PaymentHub hold the key to helping your business reach that next stage of growth efficiently and without breaking the bank.

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